The four principles of life at RMC are Academics, Bilingualism, Military, and Athletics.

Officer Cadets receive thorough education and training in all four, and have considerable opportunities to participate in all aspects of campus life.

Part of attending RMC involves challenging yourself with the demanding physical routine, designed to raise you to high standards of physical fitness, drill, dress, and deportment. The goal of an RMC education is to produce officers with a strong sense of duty, integrity, loyalty, courage, self-discipline, self-confidence, and ésprit de corps. To that end, cadets participate in military training, drill, combat training, and exercises of teamwork, and are also responsible for planning, executing, and organizing many routine activities at RMC. To ensure all cadets are performing at a high standard, there is an annual practical drill test, and you will also have the opportunity to participate in formal drill at ceremonial occasions throughout the year.



As Officers of the Canadian Armed Forces, you will be housed and fed by the Department of National Defence. RMC is fully residential, and Officer Cadets live together in a structured military environment for the duration of your undergraduate degree. In first year, cadets share accommodations with another first year cadet; single rooms are provided for fourth year cadets, with other senior cadets allocated single rooms on a space available basis. On-campus dining is provided for students, and you will have access to recreational facilities in close proximity to your residence.

Officer Cadets at RMC are under the authority of the Director of Cadets, who is responsible to the RMC Commandant for the overall conduct, supervision, discipline, and performance of the Cadet Wing. The Cadet Wing is commanded by fourth year students, who receive practical experience in leadership and command; some non-command staff positions are also filled by third years.



Living in a structured military environment means most personal leave for cadets must be requested and approved; however, cadets are also entitled to a significant amount of leave time as part of your RMC education. You will always get two to three weeks off over winter break, as well as a February reading week, a five day weekend over Thanksgiving, and a guaranteed two weeks (or more) over the summer.

For more information about RMC life, visit the RMC website.