The Power & Control Research Group at RMC is made up of professors who have an interest in large-scale power systems, electronics and electric machines, and the application of adaptive and nonlinear control system techniques.

Their research focuses on the generation, transmission, and distribution of electric power and how to design, build, and improve power systems.

A major ongoing research project in Power & Control centres around the development of electric ships for use by the Department of National Defence. Following a thorough literature review, Engineers in the Power & Control group began building simulation software to design and test electric ships. Once that process is complete, they will be moving on to the validation of realistic electric ship power systems for defence research.

Power & Control is also conducting research in a number of other exciting areas, including:
  • High-performance and parallel computing that can be applied to a variety of big engineering problems
  • Improving the performance and application of existing power systems, including renewable energy systems (particularly wind power systems)
  • Improving the existing power systems for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) used by the military
  • Developing control design methods for a wide range of electric machines

Power & Control maintains a laboratory, used for testing, teaching, and research. Researchers have access to a variety of electric machines, dedicated emulators running models of different power generation systems, and microprocessors combined with Lab-Volt Power Electronics elements. They offer graduate courses in Adaptive Control Systems and Electric Machine Drives, as well as undergraduate courses in Energy Conversion, Electric Power Systems, Power Electronics, and Advanced Control Systems.


Dr. Derrek Bouchard
CD, rmc, BEng, MEng, PhD
Professor emeritus and Investigator

Dr. Mohammed Tarbouchi
BEng, MEng, PhD, PEng
Professor and Investigator

Dr. Francis Okou
BEng, MEng, PhD
Professor and Investigator