Life on Campus


An undergraduate education at RMC is founded on four fundamental components:



All four of these components are incorporated in the formal and informal aspects of obtaining an undergraduate degree from RMC. So in addition to their academic program of study, Officer Cadets also participate in athletics and receive military, leadership and second language training.

During the summer months, Officer Cadets are employed in on-the-job training in their selected military profession. (See the General Information page for more information on the College and the four components.)


RMC is fully residential where Officer Cadets live together in a military environment. In first year, Officer Cadets will share living accommodations with another first year cadet. Single rooms are normally provided to fourth year Officer Cadets with other senior cadets being allocated single rooms on a space available basis. On-campus dining is provided and students have access to recreational facilities within close proximity to the residences. In some cases, senior cadets may rent civilian accommodations or “live out” given authorization by their chain of command.

Time Away from the College

Officer Cadets must obtain permission to be absent from the College by obtaining weekend leave or evening passes. There are times when this type of leave may be restricted due to performance and the demands of training and other duties. New first year officer cadets normally are not permitted leave until the Thanksgiving Weekend in October.