Info for Parents

Students who attend RMC to obtain their undergraduate degree are typically enrolled through the Regular Office Training Plan (ROTP). Successful applicants begin their careers in the Canadian Forces as an Officer Cadet, where the Department of National Defence pays the costs for tuition, uniforms, books, instruments and other essential fees.

In addition to a paid education, an Officer Cadet receives an annual salary, less deductions for income tax, pension plan and room & meals, and also receives benefits such as medical, dental, and vacation.

Upon their successful completion of ROTP, Officer Cadets are awarded a university degree and granted commissions as Officers in the Canadian Forces. Normally, graduates serve at least five years with the Canadian Forces. The Canadian Forces offers salaries, pensions, dental and health care benefits that are comparable to, and in some cases superior to, many private sector jobs. For more information on annual salaries and benefits visit the site.

To help cadets succeed in their academic pursuits, RMC has some unique features you won’t find at most universities. Each class is taught by a professor—no teaching assistants—and with a ratio of one faculty member per six students, classes are small, allowing professors to know students by name. It’s not uncommon to find yourself in a fourth-year class with only three or four students. When one struggles in school, a vast support network is in place to identify problems early on and come up with solutions immediately.

Source: Cameron Ainsworth-Vincze, “No Campus Like It”, Maclean’s OnCampus, November 11, 2009