The Faculty of Engineering is responsible for educating future officers for professional careers as Engineers and leaders in the Canadian Armed Forces. Our primary focus is on the development of competencies in areas applicable to the military and to society at large. The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering has a number of modern, well-equipped laboratories which permit students to supplement theoretical knowledge with practical experience.

All Engineering programs are based on a common first year, with specialization beginning in the second year of study. Any second year course pattern in Engineering is acceptable for admission to third year Electrical or Computer Engineering, provided the requisite standing in Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics is obtained. Because the successful solution to any engineering problem will inevitably involve the interaction of several subject areas, the curriculum is a mixture of discipline-specific engineering courses rounded out with knowledge-broadening courses in the sciences and humanities. To put your knowledge and skills to the test in a realistic environment, the fourth year of a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical or Computer Engineering includes an engineering design project, in which students must both define the problem and identify the solution.

The baccalaureate degree programs in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering are accredited by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board of the Canadian Council of Professional Engineers.

The typical course progression for a BEng in Electrical or Computer Engineering is presented below. Click on any course block for a description.





Please note:

Electrical Engineering

Optional third year course (winter term): Students must select one of EEE332: Electric Power Systems or EEE375: Signal Propagation.

Optional fourth year course (fall term): Students must select one of EEE449: Power Electronics or EEE475: Radio-Frequency Systems.

Computer Engineering

Optional fourth year course (fall term): Students must select one of EEE310: Electronic Devices and Circuits or EEE400: Introduction to Cyber Attack Theory.

Optional fourth year course (winter term): Students must select one of EEE360: Integrated Circuits Design or EEE401: Secure Web Applications.