Why should you study at RMC?
RMC is a university with a difference.

At RMC, all classes are taught by professors, not teaching assistants—meaning you receive all the benefits of their expertise and education. With a unique 5:1 student to professor ratio, classes are small, meaning every student gets personal attention and professors are able to get to know every student they teach. It’s not uncommon for fourth year classes to have only three or four students. This means RMC has a student support network unlike any other, and struggling students are able to get the help they need.

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at RMC is also unique. While other Engineering programs require students to produce original designs, they do not build or implement those designs. But in the ECE, students receive practical, hands-on experience. As part of your fourth year project, you will be challenged to produce real, working prototypes based on your own designs. Students in the ECE get the opportunity to act as makers, using all the facilities of a makerspace provided by the department.



RMC will help you rise to the challenge.

But studying at RMC will give you more than just an education: student life balances academics, military training, sports and athletics, recreational activities, and leisure time—giving you a well-rounded and rewarding university experience. For students looking to challenge themselves, there is no better choice than RMC: any university can challenge you academically, but only RMC will provide you with athletic, second language, and combat-based challenges as well, all in a highly structured military environment designed to help you excel.

As part of your military education, you will receive leadership training and second language training; you will also receive occupational training alongside your regular academics. Over the summer, you will participate in on-the-job training and specialized courses associated with your chosen military profession. And, upon your graduation, you will receive a professional commission as an Officer of the Canadian Armed Forces—giving you real security in the difficult modern job market.

RMC is the financially smart choice.

The vast majority of undergraduates attending RMC are enrolled through the Regular Officer Training Program (ROTP). You will begin your military career as an Officer Cadet; in order to facilitate your training, the Department of National Defence will cover the costs of your tuition, uniforms, books, instruments, and all other essential fees.

Paid education is just one of many financial benefits available to RMC students. As members of the Canadian Armed Forces, students also receive an annual salary, fewer income tax deductions, a pension plan, and medical, dental, and vacation benefits. Lodging and meals are also provided to undergraduate students. This means RMC is an ideal choice for talented, motivated students who might otherwise struggle with the financial challenges of attending university.