Obtaining an undergraduate degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Royal Military College provides students with unique benefits not found within a civilian university. Undergraduate students typically attend RMC through the Regular Officer Training Plan (ROTP), where their education is paid for and they receive an annual salary, including benefits.

The RMC experience goes beyond just receiving an education, offering students a balanced mix of academics, military training, sports and leisure time to pursue personal interests through one of the many recreation clubs. While at RMC, students receive leadership and military training, second language training, and occupation training in addition to their academic program. During the summer months, students participate in on-the-job training and specialized courses associated with their military profession (e.g., aerospace engineer, communications and electronics engineer, naval engineer, pilot, etc.)

Upon successful completion of their program, students become commissioned officers in the Canadian Forces and, normally, serve five years gaining invaluable experience in their occupation of choice. The Canadian Forces offers salaries and benefits that are comparable to, and in some cases superior to, many private sector jobs. Many RMC graduates continue their careers in the Canadian Forces but many also go on to have successful careers within the private sector.