Upon completion of the Regular Officer Training Program, Officer Cadets are awarded with a university degree.

More than that, you will also be granted a commission as an Officer of the Canadian Armed Forces, with a place waiting for you in a professional field in the Canadian military.

In most cases, officers are required to serve for at least five years, granting you invaluable experience in your occupation of choice. You will be provided with a salary, pension, vacation time, and dental and healthcare benefits comparable to—or, in many cases, better than—what you could expect from working in a similar field in the private sector. For more information on salaries and benefits in the military, visit the CAF website.

Many RMC graduates continue with their military careers for long after the requisite five years, but it is also common for graduates to retire from the military after a few years and go on to have successful careers in the private sector. Graduates of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering can be found in aerospace, telecommunications, software, manufacturing, and many other industries.



With a degree in Electrical or Computer Engineering, you have a wide variety of choices for your professional career in the military. Some of the careers available to ECE graduates include:

  • Aerospace Engineering Officer
  • Communications Electronics Engineering Officer
  • Signals Officer
  • Naval Combat Systems Engineering Officer
  • Maritime Systems Engineering Officer
  • Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Officer
  • Air Combat Systems Officer
  • Pilot
  • And more!
For more information on Electrical and Computer Engineering professions in the military, visit our Military Careers page, or visit the CAF careers page to browse all career options.